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About Dr. Drapkin

A Longtime Bodybuilder, Doctor, Mentor and Visionary for Health & Fitness

Dr. Drapkin is an active world-class bodybuilder at the age of 73, who started his bodybuilding career well after the age of 40. He has won many titles and contests, and has been doing so for over 17 years.

Dr. Drapkin’s has decades of experience, research and study in the fields of Diet and Exercise that have proven very beneficial in helping patients to treat and prevent an array of medical conditions. He has helped many to lead happier, healthier and more active lives.

“If diet and exercise are not enough, then that person is likely not eating a healthy diet, nor exercising properly. One result—in men of all ages—is erectile dysfunction, which can be addressed or even prevented through a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and regular exercise.”

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