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Health & Fitness

How to Achieve Your Ultimate Health & Fitness Without Having to Make a Career of It

Health and Fitness are two sides of the same coin; you can’t have one without the other.

Diet alone won’t make you fit. Exercise without proper nutrition will not produce the results you’re seeking to achieve.

To live a long WHILE also feeling great, looking marvelous and having the energy to partake in life’s pleasures takes knowing a few things, and understanding about your body, what you do to it, what you put into it and environmental factors.

And though some would never concede to its actuality, no single industry has a monopoly on health, wellness, fitness or any other desirable condition Mankind strives to obtain.

So, if you want to LOOK, FEEL, PERFORM and BE better, you have to first educate yourself, and then apply what you’ve learned.

The title of this page is a bit misleading. You kind of DO need to make a career of your health and being fit. If only by making certain things a part of your everyday life. Easier said than done, right?

How does anybody sift through the tonnage of assertions (both verified as well as unsubstantiated) of these many industries and institutions? 

The institutions and industries of medicine, health, wellness, nutrition, and even spirituality, continue to discover more about being healthy, fit and happy; living longer and being able to enjoy those extra years.

And this is where BetterFitnessMethod.com can help.

A quick and simple way to become wise and stay informed about the ever-changing science and technologies of health, nutritionwellness and fitness, is to visit this website regularly for new feature articles such as this one, for shorter blog posts, and by subscribing to my Better Fitness Method newsletter. 

Your body—and YOU—will thank you in countless ways.

~Dr. Robert Drapkin