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  "For older men wishing to lose body fat and maintain muscle and bone density, this article shares a breakthrough (backed by science) that is the only effective treatment option."   As men grow older, we tend to gain weight—body fat—especially in our bellies. The first thing we try to do when this happens is to go on a diet. When this diet fails, we consider joining a gym and exercising. This is helpful, but most of us do not know how to exercise. Just the same, exercise alone will not change our

THE MOST IMPORTANT CHOICES OF YOUR LIFE You choose food for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are based upon your knowledge of “what is healthy to eat”. Most Americans are not healthy in that they are over-weight and have or will soon have chronic metabolic diseases including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and small blood vessel disease including dementia, impotence, coronary artery disease, and renal dysfunction. These chronic metabolic diseases are preventable with exercise and a healthy diet. The purpose of this essay is to provide science-based information about food.

A body weight set-point is a number—your weight—that your body maintains within a narrow range through a feed-back and control system just like the thermostat in your home.  The body the set point involves your brain, gastrointestinal tract, circulating hormones, and fat cell mass.  What is known is that in adults, body weight is maintained at a relatively stable level for long periods (1). This observation is the basis for the set-point theory.  Information from the body is sent to a central controller located in an area in the brain’s forefront called the

Why should you exercise? What does exercise do to your body? These are important questions that can be answered based on scientific data; the same science used to train our Olympic and professional athletes. This information also applies to you! This blog article will explain how exercise will improve your memory, increase your energy, decrease your body fat, and help you look younger, perform better, and live longer. I call exercise the “missing ingredient” in most people’s lives. WHAT IS EXERCISE? It is important to define exercise since not all exercise is the